Septi Gel

Hand Disinfectant Alcoholic Gel

General Description

SeptiGel is an antiseptic that has been formulated by two types of alcohol (Ethanol and Isopropanol). Enjoying softeners and vitamins such as vitamin E and Allantoin, SeptiGel provides the consumer with a healthy, free of pathogens and irritations skin. SeptiGel is effective against pathogens including mycobacterium tuberculosis, viruses like HBV, HIV, and bacteria such as escherichia coli, salmonella, pseudomonas, which causing nosocomial infections.

Contains 68% mixture of two types of alcohol (ethanol and isopropanol)

Contains 2 types of alcohol, i.e. ethanol and propanol, high overlapping effect against all types of microorganisms. Contains skin smoothing and protective ingredients such as allantoin and Vitamin E Completely compatible with skin and suitable for sensitive skin

Apply suitable amount onto visibly clean dry hands and Rub until dry.

75 and 500 ml, 1 and 5 liter containers

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