Antiseptic solution for hands

General Description

Septicidine is an antiseptic solution with fast and long-lasting antiseptic properties and is suitable for hand skin. Users do not need to wash their hands with soap anymore (that only reduces the apparent filth of hands). This product is made up of fragrance and non-fragrance essence. It is widely used due to the stability of its antimicrobial properties in automatic devices and boot-washers on the entrance of production halls.

Ethyl alcohol, chlorhexidine digluconate

Contains chlorhexidine as an agent to ensure the sustainable effects of the solution
Contains Aloe Vera extract and skin smoothing and protective ingredients
Rapid effect (20-30 seconds) to disinfect the hands of therapeutic staff

Apply suitable amount onto visibly clean dry hands and Rub until dry.

50, 125, 500 cc and 1, 5 liter containers

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