SeptiScrub is a disinfectant product based ...

General Description

SeptiScrub is a disinfectant product based on Chlorhexidine %4 designed for surgical hand’s scrub. This product has been formulated so that aside from strong and stable antibacterial features of Chlorhexidine, a non-ionic surfactant decontamination features has been used in parallel. SeptiScrub’s stable and long lasting effects has made it an effective product with minimal side effects. Chlorhexidine substantivity feature is due to stick to the top layer of skin (stratum corneum), to remain on hands after washing up, and to continue its antibacterial effectiveness. This property continues up to 6 hours in a desirable situation. Chlorhexidine is effective on a wide range of microorganisms causing nosocomial infections.

Chlorohexidine-di-gluconate 4%, non-ionic surfactants

Simultaneous cleaning and disinfecting properties
High durability (up to 6 hours) due to substantial effects of Chlorohexidine
Completely compatible with skin and without toxic and harmful effects of other similar products (Betadine®)
Sustainable antiseptic effects, even in the presence of blood and organic matter

Wet hands and forearms with water. Scrub for 1 minutes with about 5 mL of HiSept HandScrub. Rinse thoroughly under running water. Dry thoroughly.

50 ml, 1 and 5 liter containers

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