Injection is one of the most common ways of prescr

General Description

Injection is one of the most common ways of prescribing pharmaceutical products, and there will be serious repercussions in the absence of hygienic principles. Annually, unsafe injections cause the outbreak of various viral and bacterial infections, as well as fungal and parasitic diseases. By effectively and stably disinfecting the injection sites, the outbreak of nosocomial infections and blood borne diseases can be easily prevented.

chlorohexidine di-gluconate, isopropanol, ethanol, quaternary ammonium compounds

Contains 2 types of alcohol, with high overlap effect against various types of pathogenic microorganisms
Contains quaternary ammonium compounds to produce anti-microbial synergic effects
Contains chlorohexidine to enhance the antimicrobial effects and increase the consistency of solution effect
Without any skin irritation and complications

Spray the product on the injection site and let it dry.
This product can be used to disinfect skin before all types of cutaneous injections including subcutaneous (SC), intramuscular (IM), intravenous injection (IV), and small types of surgeries and piercing sites.

125, 250 ml and 5 liter containers

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