Percidine 3%

Percidine-%3 is a sterilizing and disinfecting sol

General Description

Percidine-%3 is a sterilizing and disinfecting solution based on peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. This product has been formulated for sterilizing and disinfecting hemodialysis machines at a high level. It has the property of eliminating a wide range of microorganisms without the risk of microbial resistance. Using Percidine-%3 reduces the need to use other cleaning compounds in the machine and thus, increases its useful lifetime.

acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, other compounds with synergic effect

Strong disinfectant for all types of hemodialysis machines
Destroys a wide range of microorganisms, including all kinds of blood-carried viruses
Simultaneous disinfection and antiscalant
Low temperature disinfection (no need to heat water)
The most well known and most prominent brand of hemodialysis machine disinfection in Iran
Without any toxic residues and innocuous for humans and the environment

Depending on the dilution used, Percidine-%3 has the ability to eliminate all microorganisms including bacteria,viruses, molds and yeasts. The peracetic acid that this compound contains oxidizes and inactivates the cell and intracellular functional groups including proteins and enzymes in microorganisms. Due to the oxidation of the protein bands the cell wall ruptures, also because of oxidation of enzymes the intracellular activity is eliminated. The reason why there is no microbial resistance against Percidine, is the 40 chemical reactions which take place in same time by this compound against microorganisms. Therefore, by using Percindine there will be no need for a periodical replacement of antimicrobials.

5 liter containers

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