Disinfection of Critical medical and Dental Instru

General Description

HiSept Instru is a Quaternary ammonium-based disinfectant used for disinfection of critical medical and dental Instruments before sterilization. Highly effective antimicrobial formulation offers broad spectrum activity even against Mycobacterium and non-enveloped viruses. HiSept Instru has a ready to use formulation and through presence of corrosion inhibitor compounds has a high degree of material compatibility. Aldehyde-free nature of HiSept Instru preventing protein fixation in compliance with international guidelines for endoscope reprocessing.

poly(hexamethylene) biguanide hydrochlorid ,N,N-didecyl-N-methyl-poly(oxyethyl) ammonium propionate, dimethyldodecylamine n-oxide , Stabilizer , Nonionic surfactants , Solvents , corrosion inhibitor compounds , essential oils, colors and distilled water

  • Broad Spectrum Activity
  • Aldehyde and Phenol free
  • Cost effective

Prepare the disinfectant solution by diluting to the desired concentration. Immerse clean device completely into the product. After the contact time, remove device from the solution and rinse thoroughly with clean demineralized, if possible filtered water.

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