Citrocidine is an acidic disinfectant, based on ci

General Description

Citrocidine is an acidic disinfectant, based on citric acid and it is produced for thermal and chemical disinfecting of different types of hemodialysis machines. The synergistic effects of this solution’s components has made Citrocidine a strong product which is able to dissolve and cleanse blood clots and has a strong ability in removing magnesium and calcium deposits from the duct of various kinds of hemodialysis machines. This product also has a strong ability in eliminating a wide range of pathogenic microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and fungi which shows this formulation’s high efficiency.

Citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid

Citrothermal disinfectant for new generation of hemodialysis machines
Premier generation of hemodialysis machine disinfectants, completely safe and compatible with types of hemodialysis machines.
Without any toxic residues and innocuous for humans and the environment
Simultaneous cleaning, antiscalant and antiseptic

The acidic compounds present in this solution have a powerful synergistic effect and that’s show significant disinfecting effects. The acidic environment prevents the absorption of essential nutritive compounds by microorganisms which are the result of destruction of proteins that stimulate energy. Acidic environment causes a change in the penetrance of the cell wall and dysfunctions it. As a result, the cell content will be removed and the microorganisms especially gram negative bacteria will be eradicat.
In addition, acidic compounds especially citric acid, have the ability of chelating the negative ion in the cell wall. Thus, they dysfunction and destroy it, which causes the

5 liter containers

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